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Laboratory CAD/CAM Software Updates

Registration is now open for inLab SW 16!

Register Now for inLab SW 16 Upgrade
Distribution may take 2-3 weeks from date of registration.
*For commercial dental labs only

inLab SW 16 CAM

  • Easier operation
  • New software functions
  • New materials and indications
  • Major update of the STL/XML import function from third party software
  • Automatic import of inCoris disk information to CAM software

inLab SW 16 CAD

  • NEW: inLab Splint plugin
  • NEW: inLab Check plugin - FEM analysis of designed restorations for critical, strain-sensitive areas

Software Service Packs

  • inLab SW 16 Installation Instructions 1 MB

  • inLab CAD SW 16.1 Service Pack 783 MB

    Minimum requirement is an installed inLab CAD SW 16.0

  • inLab Partial Framework 16.0 331 MB

  • inLab Splint 16.0 326 MB

  • inLab Check 16.0 243 MB

  • inLab SW 16 CAM 2 GB

  • inLab Partial Framework 15.1 Setup 313 MB

  • inLab SW 15.1 Setup 850 MB

  • inLab CAM 15.2 Setup 1 GB

  • inLab Partial Framework (iPF) for inLab 15.0 300 MB

  • inLab Partial Framework (iPF) for inLab SW 4.2.5 and 4.3 157 MB

  • inLab SW Service Pack V4.2.5 452 MB

  • inLab Service Pack V4.2.3 422 MB

    inLab SW 4.2.3 not to be installed on CEREC AC unit

  • inLab Service Pack V4.2.1 360 MB

  • VITA Enamic Service Pack V4.0.2 9 MB

  • inLab Service Pack V4.0.2 254 MB

  • Hot Keys and Shortcuts for inLab SW 4.0.2 507 kB

  • inLab Service Pack V4.01 253 MB

  • inLab Stack Service Pack 64 bit V3.88 12 MB

Software Update Descriptions

  • User Guide - inEos X5 Records Scanning Software 16.1 8 MB

  • User Guide - inEos X5 Impression Scanning Software 16.1 4 MB

  • inLab CAD SW 16.1 Update Description 247 kB

  • inLab SW 15.0 Operator's Manual 6 MB

  • inLab MCXL Serial Number Location 3 MB

  • inLab Partial Framework SW 1.0.0 Operator's Manual 739 kB

  • Service Pack inLab SW 4.2.5 157 kB

  • Service Pack CEREC SW 4.2.3 Update Description 94 kB

  • Service Pack inLab SW 4.2.1 Update Description 63 kB

  • VITA Enamic Material Pack for CEREC SW 4.0.3 Update Description 188 kB

  • Service Pack inLab SW 4.0.2 Update Description 54 kB

  • Service Pack inLab SW 4.0.1 Update Description 61 kB

  • Service Pack inLab 3D V3.88 Update Description 66 kB

  • Service Pack inLab 3D V3.87 Update Description 55 kB


  • inPost Compatability Overview for scanning on multi-unit abutments from Medentika

  • inPost Compatibility Overview for scanning on multi-unit abutments from nt-trading

  • TiBase Operating Instructions

  • inCoris ZI meso Instructions

    USA Only

  • Available TiBase Kits

  • CEREC Blocs Instructions

  • inCoris NP Instructions

  • inCoris ZI Instructions

  • inCoris ZI Certificate of Composition Labels

    Inkjet printer: To be printed on Avery Template 8253 // Laser Printer: To be printed on Avery Template 5163

  • inCoris TZI Certificate of Composition Labels

    Inkjet printer: To be printed on Avery Template 8253 // Laser Printer: To be printed on Avery Template 5163

  • inCoris TZI Instructions

  • Model Milling Information

    The milling of models is only possible with inLab MCXL from serial number 120 000

  • Lava Ultimate Information

  • Abutments Materials Pack V3.83

    Requires the US version of inLab 3D V3.83 or 3.84