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Electric handpieces T1 Classic

Perfection in balance

T1 Classic is first‐class technology. The ideal positioning of the motor SL/BL in the light titanium sleeve ensures that every instrument lies perfectly balanced in your hand.
Challenging jobs will become easy and your preparation results will be first class.

Take advantage of the many convenient features

  • Perfect balance. Lies ideally in your hand

  • Ergonomic flowing design

  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated ball bearings

  • Optimum illumination for an excellent view during treatment

  • 3-year guarantee

No compromises. I only consider instruments which allow me to achieve the best preparation results for each and every patient.

So light. So good.

Titanium at its most beautiful shape

The T1 Classic makes preparation easy in every respect. Precious titanium material, combined with ergonomic design and innovative high-class technology offer ideal working conditions.

All instruments in this range are effortless to work with. Due to their ergonomically designed titanium sleeves, they fit lightly and perfectly balanced in your hand. This enables fatigue-free work and improves your preparation results. Titanium does not just mean light weight. It also means high user convenience due to the special thermal neutrality and skin kindness of the material.

For optimal working conditions – you can rely on our top technical performance.

Ergonomic and durable

Ergonomics are only effective if you don't notice them

Dentsply Sirona Premium electric handpieces lie perfectly in your hand and thus guarantee lasting precise results.

Thanks to its flowing design and the particularly light titanium sleeves, you will be able to work at ease and without fatigue when treating patients.

Our Premium Class was designed using innovative long-life technology: Due to the “Diamond Like Carbon” (DLC) coating of the ball bearings. All Premium instruments are extremely resistant and durable.

Perfect balance

In balance with the Dentsply Sirona interface

With the T1 Classic series, the perfect coordination of motor and instrument ensures optimal weight distribution.

The motor is inserted in the ergonomically shaped sleeve, shifting the balance point directly to your hand. The instrument and drive form a perfect unit, enabling very easy, fatigue free work without undue force.

Be choosy!

A wide variety of options for great flexibility

The broad spectrum of dental applications with T1 Classic leaves nothing to be desired. The variety of options with numerous special contra-angle handpieces underscores this most clearly. This range can be used for all standard applications as well as for professional prosthetics, micropreparations, endodontics and prophylactic treatments


T1 Classic electric handpieces for standard preparations

T1 Classic S 200 L – For standard preparations

Ideal for cavity and crown preparations, for finishing and excavating.

T1 Classic S 40 L – For standard preparations

Ideal for cavity and crown preparations, for finishing and excavating.

T1 Classic S 6 L / S 1,6 L – For standard preparations

Ideal for cavity and crown preparations, for finishing and excavating.

T1 Classic SH 40 L – For prosthodontics

The straight handpiece is especially well suited to the low speed range. Precision prosthodontics can thus be performed either chairside or in the laboratory. The straight shape of the handpiece is optimally suited to surgical applications.

T1 Classic electric handpieces for special applications

T1 Classic Prophy – For prophylaxis

This contra-angle handpiece enables brilliant polishing of teeth and material surfaces in connection with brushes and caps.

T1 Classic EVA 04 L / 11 L – For micropreparations

Due to the flexibility of the file adjustment, this contra-angle handpiece is especially good for polishing and removing composite residues and smoothing root surfaces.

T1 Classic Endo L – For endodontics

The 2-in-1 root canal preparation principle is based on the concept of offering a single contra-angle handpiece that enables efficient utilization of both manually and machine driven files. This ultimately means more freedom and economy.

T1 Classic KM 1,6 L – For surgery

The Kirschner/Meyer principle, in which the rinsing liquid/coolant is discharged directly in the milling area at the bur tip, enables atraumatic preparation and optimally supports surgical interventions.


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