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Sirona Connect for the dental lab

With Sirona Connect your dental lab profits from an innovative method to process precise digital impressions. This technique with the inLab system is easily independently integrated into the CAD/CAM workflow of your lab and is cost effective.

As an inLab laboratory you can directly process digital impressions over Sirona Connect and therefore become a coveted partner. Every dental practice that wishes to produce digital impressions via Sirona Connect could be your next customer. In future new orders are received via Sirona Connect directly on your PC. For you this means that you simply receive the data, design and mill.

Furthermore, Sirona Connect offers you further the possibility to directly and quickly clarify the model data received, order data and delivery schedule. This immediate feedback to the practice saves time and prevents unnecessary corrections at a later point of time.

Benefits for the dental laboratory

  • HIPAA-compliant portal keeps patient data safe

  • Ideal link to the increasing level of digitalization in the dental practice

  • Precise production of tooth restorations using digital intraoral impression data

  • Time savings due to immediate and direct coordination with the practitioner during patient consultation

  • Economic scope thanks to flexible production options

  • Potential for optimization in terms of logistics costs, complaints, hygiene, model-free production options

The digital workflow with Sirona Connect

As a dental laboratory, you benefit from the digital workflow with Sirona Connect. Direct, free data transmission is more precise, more hygienic and faster than any impression tray. You can concentrate on your core competency: the production of high-quality restorations. Open interface leaves you free to handle your manufacturing processes.
  1. Practice

    Scan. Check. Send

  2. Receive and transmit data via the Sirona Connect Portal

  3. Laboratory

    Design with inLab SW, produce with inLab or other CAD/CAM production unit and finalize

Flexible Design

After receipt and review of the Sirona Connect orders, the dental laboratory can get to work on the design using the inLab CAD software right away. As an alternative, the 3D model data set can be exported to another CAD software for design via the optional inLab STL interface.

Design Service for CEREC Users

A large percentage of digital impressions via Sirona Connect are created in the numerous CEREC user practices. For complex and more aesthetically demanding orders, this allows additional dental expertise to be used. But it does not always have to be the finished restoration that leaves the laboratory. With the digital Design Service laboratories can receive the intraoral data set via the Sirona Connect portal, design the desired work with the inLab software and send the design data set back to the CEREC practice for finalizing. A digital service that can save valuable treatment time in the practice and reward dental know-how.

Flexible model production

Given the continuous development of high-quality CAD/CAM materials for monolithically produced restorations, a physical working model is already a thing of the past for many digital impressions.

If necessary, the 3D model data received can be sent either to the central model production, infiniDent from Dentsply Sirona, or to an alternative model production (e.g., 3D printer) via the STL data export.

Production with inLab

Two productive production units are available for a consistent CAD/CAM process within the inLab system - free and for a comprehensive range of materials, open and productive:

inLab MC X5

5 axes, dry and wet processing, milling and grinding, block and round processing

inLab MC XL

4 axes, wet processing, milling and grinding, block processing, high-speed manufacturing

Alternative production

The inLab software is open. This means that directly after the receipt of data and STL export, the dental laboratory can proceed with production using different CAD software. Or the design is first produced using the inLab CAD software and then exported to the production unit of a third-party provider.

Alternatively, central production with infiniDent from Dentsply Sirona can be used: For finishing both inLab design data directly from the inLab software as well as data via STL transmission from another CAD software.*

Sirona Connect Video Tutorial

Register for Sirona Connect today

With Sirona Connect your dental lab profits from an innovative method to process precise digital impressions. Registration is free of charge for inLab customers.

Lab registration

Sirona Connect Data Protection

Privacy Policy

Data protection

Download the Sirona Connect data protection policy here.

Sirona Connect: Technical overview

Technical Data - CEREC AC


Dimensions (H x B x T) 121 x 36 x 47 cm
Monitor 19“, 1.280 x 1.024 pixel monitor resolution
Device weight 43 kg
Camera weight 313 g
Camera length 20 cm
Powder-free Yes
Color Yes
Acquisition technique Filming: The data is recorded continuously without blurring by means of the flowing acquisition technique. The camera is moved over the tooth surgace at a distance of 0 to 15 mm.
Power supply - Standard power supply (100–230 V, 50/60 Hz)  - Optional: Uninterruptible power supply (short-term battery)
Network connection LAN und WLAN
Software Sirona Connect SW (no follow-up costs) - Acquisition of preparation, antagonist and bite registration - Computation of the 3D model - Drawing the preparation margin - Link to Sirona Connect Portal
Indications Crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, temporary restorations, abutments and surgical guides (restricted), orthodontics (CEREC Ortho), model casting
CEREC Omnicam Versions - CEREC AC with Omnicam - CEREC AF with Omnicam - CEREC AI with Omnicam All three CEREC Omnicam versions can be installed in the practice as a special Connect version and thus used solely as an impression unit, i.e., only for taking and sending impressions and not for design.

Sirona Connect Portal in the Dental Laboratory

  • Receipt of model and order data
  • Order confirmation to the dental practice
  • Communication platform for Chat or Skype link
  • Sending of Design Service restoration data to the dental practice
  • Interface for SLA model ordering with infiniDent
  • Requirements: Internet connection, e-mail address, one-time registration at www.sirona-connect.com

Sirona Connect Portal in the Dental Practice

  • Connection from the Sirona Connect software
  • Completion of the digital order sheet
  • Selection of the laboratory
  • Transmission of model and order data to the dental laboratory
  • Communication platform for Chat and Skype applications
  • Receipt of Design Service restorations from the laboratory for finishing in the practice using the CEREC milling unit
  • Requirements: Internet connection, e-mail address, one-time registration at www.sirona-connect.com

inLab Software

inLab SW ≥ 15.0 Basic module

  • Link to the Sirona Connect portal
  • Download the model data in the software for
    • review
    • design or alternative .STL export*
  • Export of design data set for
    • production with the inLab production unit
    • production with infiniDent or another production unit*


* inLab SW interface module for .STL export required

Discover Sirona Connect

Advantages for the dental practice

Fast and easy direct transfer of a digital impression via Sirona Connect to your preferred dental lab partner.

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Advantages for the dental lab

Have the flexibility to accept digital impressions from doctors and process orders quickly and safely.

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The portal

Learn how the Sirona Connect portal works.

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Here you can download the most current version of the Sirona Connect software.

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