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Intraoral PSP scanner Xios Scan

Small change. Big impact.

Xios Scan provides a gentle, easy introduction into the world of digital X-ray imaging. If you want to switch from film to digital without having to give up your tried-and-true working methods, imaging plate technology offers you a myriad of possibilities. You can experience many of the advantages of digital imaging without a darkroom and chemicals while your team continues its regular workflow.

The Xios Scan integrates seamlessly with the Dentsply Sirona X-ray units and software to deliver better, safer and faster intraoral diagnostics.

Benefits at a glance

Xios Scan is the perfect start into digital intraoral imaging.

  • Outstanding image quality for efficient diagnosis

    Xios Scan works works with plates specificallly designed for the scanner, achieving a resolution of 22 lp/mm

  • Smart software integration for high ease of use

    All relevant settings are implemented first in Sidexis 4, and the scanning process itself starts automatically when an imaging plate is placed in the scanner

  • Scratch free scan process for reproducable image quality

    For higher plate longevity without scratches hindering your best diagnosis, even with constant use

  • Tried and tested quality & smart design

    Dentsply Sirona's "Made in Germany" quality and a compact design that fits even on limited workspace for real investment security

The device itself is one of the most compact on the market, so it fits even in confined work environments. During its conception, special attention was given to the unit's width, because that's what matters to keep your counter space as free as possible for other work.

For the best digital image quality and the easiest workflow

Xios Scan works at an outstanding resolution of up to 22 line pairs/mm (theoretical resolution). The result is exceptionally sharp and detailed images - ideal conditions for an accurate diagnosis. The images are transmitted directly to Sidexis 4, Dentsply Sirona Imaging's software, where they can then be further evaluated and diagnosed. The software provides simple controls for later editing of the visual impression of the X-ray in terms of sharpness, brightness and contrast.

Using the Xios Scan is very simple, thanks to its well thought-out operating design

All relevant settings are implemented first in Sidexis 4, and the scanning process itself starts automatically when an imaging plate is placed in the scanner. If the imaging plate is accidentally incorrectly inserted into the scanner, the scanner automatically detects this and no recording takes place. This helps to avoid unnecessary re-imaging.

The scanner preserves the plates from scratches for a higher image quality and a lower disposable budget

The plate-insertion mechanism was designed so that the imaging plates are not under load. During the scan process itself, a laser-based scanning process prevents any scratch. This way, your plates have an extremely long life - for optimal picture quality and less plate orders even with constant use.

The most hygiene-friendly workflow

To insert a plate into the scanner, the workflow is both simple and hygienic. No contact between the used hygienic sleeve and the insert tray. And the unit itself has been designed to be particularly easy to clean (no cavity, no hole).

Gallery of sample scanner images


Does the scanner require a dedicated PC?

No. The Xios Scan connects via Ethernet to the server with a unique IP address. This allows it to be accessed from any computer on the server. It is however recommended that it is placed with viewing distance of a PC monitor for optimum ease of use.

What are the system requirements?

Xios Scan's system requirements follow those of Sidexis XG (from Version 2.6.2 - from Windows 7 onwards) and Sidexis 4 (from version 4.1.2). More details can be found under Sidexis 4 System Requirements.

Are Size 4 imaging plates available?

Size 4 films can be used to capture occlusal images (where the plate is placed against the occlusal surface, rather than the lingual surfaces of the teeth), where it is exposed and used to diagnose fractures in the mandible or maxilla, as well as salivary stones. This diagnosis can be performed with greater ease using extraoral imaging options.

What happens if I place the imaging plate positioned in mouth the wrong way round (i.e. with the active side facing away from the x-ray source)?

The image will still be captured, but mirrored (i.e. the tooth 1.1 will appear as 2.1) and a loss of image quality. The image can be reviewed inside the Xios Scan Plugin - if it usable, there is a mirroring tool within the Plugin which mirrors the image to provide correct anatomical representation. Note - this can only be performed inside the Plugin and not within Sidexis.

What happens if the I place the plate into the scanner with the active area facing down (away from the laser)?

The plate will be rejected and a message will be displayed on the unit’s screen, instructing the user to turn the plate over and insert it back into the scanner.

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Technical data

Overview of technical features

Unit Xios Scan
Dimensions (H x W x D) 363 x 163 x 286 mm
Weight 7.3 kg (±0.5 kg)
Pixel size selectable 23/30 μm
Resolution 22/17 Lp/mm
Interface LAN
Country of Origin Germany
Imaging plates  
Dimensions- Size 0 31 x 22 mm
Dimensions- Size 1 24 x 40 mm
Dimensions- Size 2 31 x 41 mm
Dimensions- Size 3 27 x 54 mm
Country of Origin Germany

Technical documentation

The intraoral X-ray family

Find out everything about our intraoral product family and download the brochure here.


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