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Caries monitoring


Every day you have to make important decisions with regard to caries. This is often not as easy as it sounds. We are now able to simply help you make the right decision during caries excavation: SiroInspect with FACE® technology immediately puts the spotlight on bacterially infected dentine – so all you need to do is drill where the bacteria actually are.

SiroInspect is a reliable aid for your decisions. Making your work minimally invasive and patient friendly.


SiroInspect ist die zuverlässigste Unterstützung bei der Entscheidungsfindung. Und Sie arbeiten so absolut minimalinvasiv und patientenfreundlich.


It takes a few seconds for stains to work. SiroInspect needs just the simple press of a button – and you will immediately see where excavation is needed.


SiroInspect is easy to operate and can be flexibly integrated into your workflow. Its cable-free operation enables you to treat in more than one room with a single instrument.

Don’t let checkups become a matter of luck

With SiroInspect you can be sure of recognising caries quickly and simply during dental excava­tion. Unlike manual staining, for example, you are able to see straight away whether any treat­ment is needed: red-fluorescent light indicates all carious areas on a large scale. It will be easy for you to make the right decision and you will know with certainty to what extent existing caries has to be excavated. And there will be no change to the sequence of your normal working routine – simply switch on the probe, carry out your checkup and then treat as usual.


This is how it works

During excavation the probe illuminates the tooth with violet light (approx. 405 nm). This stimulates both decom- position products of caries bacteria as well as healthy dentine to fl uoresce. The “clip on fi lter” supplied with the SiroInspect fi lters out short wavelengths below 500 nm. Light of higher wavelengths remains visible thanks to the fi lter. In this way, red fluorescing carious areas can be recognised both quickly and safely. Healthy tooth material diff ers in this respect by fl uorescing green.

98 % of red-fluorescing dentine could clearly be brought into association with porphyrins, the decomposition products of caries bacteria.*

* Buchalla, Porphyrins Are the Cause of Red Fluorescence of Carious Dentine Verified by Gradient Reversed-Phase HPLC, 2008


We couldn’t have made it easier for you! All you have to do is switch on the probe and start the check-up. Since it runs on a rechargeable battery, you are completely flexible in your movements.

Fibre optic light source

The two fibre optic light sources can be sterilized and are very small in diameter, offering you the best view of the area to be prepared. This guarantees excellent accessibility.

Battery charger and diagnostic glasses

A space saving battery charger will recharge the two storage batteries in just one hour; with the clip on filter, the whole system is easy to use and flexible. The diagnostic glasses offer a wide range of uses and are also suitable for wearers of glasses.


SiroInspect - Don't let caries become a repeat offender



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