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Be safe. See more - with reliable diagnostics

Reliable diagnostics despite low dosages

Medical X-ray imaging faces a fundamental conflict of interests. On the one hand, for a reliable diagnosis it is essential to achieve maximum image quality, yet on the other hand the radiation dosage should be as low as possible for the patient. We at Dentsply Sirona are dedicated to offering products that combine excellent image quality with the lowest possible dosage. When developing our products, we observe the internationally valid ALARA principle ("as low as reasonable achievable").

The ALARA principle is legally enshrined in the X-ray regulations of most countries, although without stipulated limits. Therefore, it is particularly important that both manufacturers and operators of X-ray facilities are aware of their specific personal responsibility.

70 percent

of all X-ray images produced in Germany come from dental practices.

Just 0.3 percent

of annual radiation exposure can be traced back to the X-ray images produced in dental practices.

90 percent

lower radiation exposure with modern CBCT devices compared to conventional CT images.

In addition to the applied dosage, sensor technology, reconstruction algorithms, image processing processes, and safe patient positioning are also key to determining the quality of an X-ray image. When selecting a suitable device, it is expedient for the practitioner to not only compare technical data, but to view the system's overall concept, taking into account the specific diagnostic requirements.

Innovations such as ASTRA for 2D imaging and MARS for reduction of metal artifacts in 3D imaging deliver substantially clearer imaging evidence even without increased radiation. In cases that require higher image resolution, our 3D systems offer the option of creating HD images. The associated increase in dosage can often be compensated for by selecting a smaller volume.

7 μsv for 2D X-rays in the Orthophos XG family

The radiation dosage with the devices in the Orthophos XG family is 7 μSv per X-ray image. This corresponds to the radiation exposure from smart phones, lamps, watches, microwaves etc. (around 10 μSv/month).

13‒166 μsv for 3D X-rays with the Orthophos XG 3D

The radiation dosage with the Orthophos XG 3D is 13‒166 μSv per X-ray image. This corresponds to the radiation exposure from a long-haul flight (around 100 μSv).

2 μsv for intraoral X-rays

The radiation dosage from intraoral X-rays with the Heliodent Plus and the Xios XG sensors is 2 μSv per X-ray image. This is around the equivalent dose from eating 20 bananas.

Be safe. See more. With the Dentsply Sirona imaging systems – request more information now!

Find out more about the imaging systems from Dentsply Sirona and request product information on intraoral imaging or 2D and 3D imaging technology. Thank you for your interest in our products; we would be pleased to send you the requested information.

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