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No need to worry - enjoy the benefits

Imagine the following everyday X-ray scenario:

You could do away with chemicals, poisonous fumes or additional materials, your patients would no longer have to deal with sharp edges on the films and never have to wait for their diagnosis again. Their X-rays would be sharp and leave no room for speculation. You would have a practice that is highly efficient without time-consuming conversions.

It sounds so easy because it is: The solution in the form of digital X-rays from Dentsply Sirona makes daily practice life a whole lot easier. Find out more about the benefits of "Plug & Ray".

Your advantages at a glance

The sharpness is the key

Diagnose instead of guesswork: Digital imaging generates large-sized, high-resolution images.

Harmonized images

Take images that are immediately ready and use your time for your patient or your evening.

Comfort, not fear

Your patient has no time to panic. Digital imaging makes the process quick and comfortable.

Darkrooms are for the nostalgic

Make the most of the space in your practice.

Take a deep breath, please!

Potent chemicals and their disposal are a thing of the past. The radiation dose is also significantly lower, while maintaining image quality.


Less material consumption and more time make your practice more efficient.

In detail, this means:

Image quality

Digital X-ray imaging offers a resolution that guarantees large image formats and high quality. The result: X-rays that leave no questions unanswered and make all relevant structures visible. Our Sidexis 4 software offers you many useful functions to support you in your diagnosis.

Faster results

Radiography with film processing requires many steps. Work that costs you time and that can be eliminated with digital imaging. Your images are shown immediately, which gives you more time with you patient and shortens treatment appointments.

See for yourself just how much time you spend on conventional X-rays with film compared to digital X-rays.

Patient comfort

Everyone knows that the necessary visit to the dentist is often accompanied with the feeling of discomfort or even fear. It is just as well digital imaging is pleasant for patients and shortens waiting times. For standard X-rays, patients would have to deal with the sharp edges of the films and then wait for the diagnosis, but digital X-ray imaging is more comfortable and the patients receive their diagnosis directly after the image has been taken. 

Flexibility and space

With the help of the Sidexis iX app and WLAN, your X-ray images are sent directly to the iPad. You can then discuss the images with your patient in the treatment room or with other colleagues outside of the practice. Digital also means that you have more time. Digital images do not have to be printed and stored, they are transferred into the digital archive. Even the darkroom in the practice becomes a thing of the past and today is considered a nostalgic relic.

Health and environmental friendliness

Does the smell of developing films not remind you of dry cleaning or the heavy metal industry? Now you can take a deep breath. Digital X-ray imaging is odorless. No more exposure to chemicals or having to dispose of them. What's more, digital imaging requires a very low radiation dose for high-resolution images. A plus for health and the environment.

Lower costs

Digital X-ray imaging with the Sidexis iX app from Dentsply Sirona has been designed for you to work economically right from the beginning. Individual steps and waiting for the finished X-ray image are a thing of the past, even costs for consumables for processing films and their disposal are not required. You save both time and materials.


You should be! Make an appointment with us. We will give you a personal consultation or send you detailed information.

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