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Variety of indications and materials

Comprehensive range of treatment options

All-ceramic restorations with CEREC have been tried and tested millions of times over. But that is not all CEREC can do. With a wide variety of indications and materials, the system offers dentists a comprehensive range of treatment options – from chairside implants made of the right materials for every tooth, digital collaboration with the dental laboratory and integrated implant planning to prepare orthodontic treatments.

In its 30-year history, CEREC has become a highly flexible system that covers a wide spectrum of indications and enables processing of the latest materials.

My dentist showed me how he plans the surgery using X-ray images and the digital data of my teeth. That fascinated me and in the end I was convinced.

Katharina Siebniz, patient from Karlsruhe, Germany

The chairside range of applications of CEREC restorations:

  • Inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers

  • Full-contour bridges

  • Implants

  • Surgical guides

For practices with an integrated laboratory:

  • Bridge frameworks

  • Attachments

  • Telescopes and bars

  • All CAD/CAM materials, including NPM

Examples of the variety of indications and materials

Materials and software work hand in hand

The fact that CEREC allows for such a wide range of restorations is mainly due to the variety of high-performance materials that are perfectly coordinated with the design software (CEREC software) and the CEREC grinding and milling units. In addition to a big selection of traditional ceramic CAD/CAM materials, NPM and the popular zirconia can also be processed chairside with CEREC.

Offer full-contour zirconia restorations with CEREC

Zirconia is a very popular high-performance material that is incorporated into a workflow optimally tailored to the material using CEREC. It has high flexural strength and is biocompatible, allowing tooth-conserving preparations for full-contour restorations. CEREC enables full-contour zirconia restorations in a single visit, making them easier, faster, and more economical than ever.

Sirona Connect – Digital connection to the laboratory

Dental technicians can be directly connected to the CEREC system in the practice thanks to the internet portal Sirona Connect. This means dentists can spare their patients the discomfort of conventional impressions even for indications they do not want to produce in a single visit. Digital impressions with CEREC in connection with Sirona Connect is the ideal addition, particularly for veneered crowns and bridges.

Planning and placing implants

With CEREC you can place implants with customized abutments and crowns or with screw-retained crowns in a single treatment visit. But CEREC is capable of a lot more: You can map the entire implantology process in your practice and place implants on your own. The combination of the CEREC workflow with 3D X-ray images makes it possible to plan the surgery and the implant at the same time and to precisely implement this using a self-made surgical guide.

Offer orthodontic services

The CEREC system is also ideal for orthodontics: The CEREC Omnicam allows a digital impression of the whole jaw to be made – using guided scanning. Digital impressions eliminate the laborious process of creating and sending physical impressions, resulting in faster processing. The treatment can begin much earlier than usual in many cases. Based on the digital data, all kinds of orthodontic appliances can also be ordered.

What CEREC makes possible for you

Frequently asked questions about the variety of indications of CEREC

What are the prospects for solid ceramic in dentistry?

All materials have some merit. The deciding factor is the dental indication, i.e., the situation in the patient’s mouth. In terms of materials, solid zirconia closes a gap. Of course, silicate ceramic also offers excellent esthetics and is still used.

Dentists and dental technicians confirm that full-contour zirconia has a promising future. Many believe that it is a cost-effective and stable alternative to established types of restorations such as metal-ceramic compounds or full-contour NPM restorations.




Dentsply Sirona offers solid zirconia for the laboratory with inCoris TZI C and inCoris TZI. Can these materials also be used chairside?

Yes. CEREC Zirconia corresponds to the established inCoris TZI C. The blocks are available in 10 classic colors.

Is there a difference in price compared to CEREC restorations made from other ceramics?

The material CEREC zirconia is not as expensive as the ceramic usually used for CEREC. However, all dentists ultimately set the prices themselves. Dentists that use solid zirconia compare this with a metal-ceramic compound crown based on invoice factors.